Vitamix Professional Series 750

Vitamix professional series 750 is a multipurpose blender with a reasonable price tag and simpler controls. There’s no need to learn before use, you can learn and blend right away hands-on. The stainless steel blades are specially crafted for hard grinds, the container is made of PVC plastic and has the strongest cutting capacity of all the previous models. The container has a total capacity of 64oz. and serves a full meal for medium-sized families. The features include a cool-running motor, thermal and electric shock protection systems and relays, and fully customizable speed control buttons for various blending options.

Vitamix Professional Series 750

Make a hot and sour soup without a stove or get a chilling dessert with your creams and chocolates with the same machine. Vitamix 750 is equipped with the dedicated pulse button to blend in, mash, and texture the remaining fragments in a smoothie, batter, or soups. The pulse can be pressed anytime during the blend, make sure to use it when the speed variation controls are off.

The low profile 64oz. the container is the most prolific addition to the professional series 750. Without compromising on the size measurements, Vitamix has made up to its promise so that your blender can fit into any cabinet size. Keep it up on the shelf or enclose it in your kitchen box without any size issues. Also, the container is made of BPA-free PVC plastic that does no harm to your meals without mixing up. The sturdiness is measured by its hard and thick coatings that can never be pierced out.

The stainless steel blades are made to last forever without losing their sharpness and shine. The blades have at least a dozen details, they are treated under air-craft grade conditions. Stainless steel blades are hardened to endure and slit any nut type or fruit. The pointed ends are made perpendicular to the base for increased performance when blending.

The blades are backed with a powerful and more efficient cool-running motor. the motor is made of pure copper material with minimal calculated losses. It maintains an even torque when in its rotational motion and ensures a reliable temperature never exceeding its rated limits. It has a regulator and a relay attached to the motor that ensures seamless power supply, regulated voltage, and soothes out the power surges and ebbs.

Variable speed control is a programmed setting with a physical control mechanism to blend anything for its programmed capacity and motor speed. There are five program settings for motor control meant to make soups, desserts, smoothies, grinding stubborn nuts and coffee beans, making textured drinks, and vegetable juices. The dial has five control systems and 10-speed options, and there’s a user manual for each speed control and how to use it properly.

The variable speed control allows users to make hot soups better than what you heat on a stove. It makes a perfectly balanced soup in less than 10 minutes, thanks to the specially designed blades. The blades create friction between themselves that results in a steaming hot textured soup. The machine never overheats at its full speed i.e. 2.2 hp for a whole 10 minutes or even more.

Planning to buy a coffee maker along with Vitamix 750? Well, no need for it. Vitamix professional blender 750 makes wholesome coffee servings for the whole family by crushing the beans as good as the coffee maker itself. Try spilling some beans in your blender cum coffee maker and witness the magic. Also, make yourself at ease with a frozen treat. 750 blender makes chilled desserts in seconds and with great comfort.

There’s a dedicated blending control for mixing batters and making doughs. Knead flour for cookies and other baking recipes, make pizzas and Arabic cuisine, cakes and waffles with it comfortably and more conveniently.

The self-cleaning feature of Vitamix Pro Series 750 makes everything washed out in 60 seconds. Put in a bit of dishwasher and lukewarm water and blend for 30 to 60 seconds. The dedicated speed variation will wash everything without spots and oily surfaces. The total weight is 12.5 lbs., the voltage rating is 120v at 60Hz standard American power frequency. The vendor offers a complete 7-year product warranty with a 30-day Amazon-backed money-back guarantee.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Pros And Cons



Brushed aircraft-grade stainless steel

5-speed controls and 10-speed variations

PVC plastic container



Old-fashioned design

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