Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade

Vitamix Explorian Blender makes the best of the raw materials poured into it. the high-quality blending equipment is unmatched for its variance in speed backed by powerful motors and safety systems. You will make the best kitchen companion when buying Explorian by Vitamix. It has multiple blending combinations backed with self-cooling motors and pure copper windings for better operation and long-lasting performance.

Vitamix Explorian Blender

The blender is made of aircraft-grade hardened steel blades. The steel blades are treated and hardened to crush everything it can in seconds. The blades are concaved to the tip and are easily removable and replaceable. There are multiple variations for meals, soups, desserts, and smoothies. Choose the appropriate speed variations and get them blended right away.

The design is made ergonomic. A low-profile symmetrical container fits any kitchen cabinet. The plastic container is made of high-end materials and has a dedicated handle with a friction-locked lid. The base is made of treated plastic and is completely thermally and electrically isolated to prevent shock circuits and overheats.

Along with the power button to the front of the Vitamix blender, there’s a dedicated switch for pulse controls. Leave it to the fastest speed with a pulse for a few seconds to make sure everything is evenly crushed and blended. The pulse won’t leave any remaining chunks and fragmented pieces in a smoothie or soups.

The speed variation control is phenomenal in Vitamix Explorian Blender. There are ten-speed variations to follow for various items. There’s a dedicated setting for rough chops, or select a puree variation for shakes and soups. Make your dessert smooth and delicious, or get a hot soup without a stove with Vitamix Explorian.

You can make a steaming hot soup with a blender. Choose the speed variation provided in the instruction manual, start it and make sure it gets to enough temperature for 8 to 10 minutes. The blade friction will make you a hot and delicious soup, large enough for a family. Contrarily, a Vitamix blender makes frozen desserts, doughs for cakes and bread, mix batters, and grinds coffee nuts with its all-in-one blending features.

Vitamix makes pleasant coffee without a coffee maker. Don’t buy one if you have a Vitamix, it grinds coffee beans right to their bones in a few minutes or lesser. Make nut butter, crush the beans to ground coffee, and steam it without steam in a few minutes with Vitamix Explorian.

There’s a good reason why Vitamix is a smoothie king. It creates chilled and refreshing smoothies, both from vegs and fruits in seconds, or maybe more. It never sticks fibers to the walls and container base. Vitamix equally distributes the blend to all the sides.

After you’ve finished making soups and smoothies, Vitamix quite intelligently cleans itself up. The self-cleaning options make sure everything gets bleached and dusted from the walls and container base. All you need is to fill in a few parts with lukewarm water, add a dishwashing liquid or soap, and blend it to the self-cleaning speed.

The safety and quality measures are accurate to the last step. There’s a 17-point inspection testing performed by Vitamix before finally delivering it to the customers. It has a self-cooling motor mechanism, winding, and filter system for power regulations. The external structure is completely isolated from the inside to avoid direct contact with the machine. A complete follow-up testing is made by quality control before being ready for delivery to the market. It has a low-profile tamper alongside the container and the lid is completely dishwasher safe.

There’s a cookbook along with the package for users to explore the compatibility of the product. A user manual is provided by the manufacturer for the customers to get an insight into the functions and control of your blender. The product is made in the USA and passes all the quality standards mentioned in its specs.

There’s a complete 90-days money-back guarantee or replacement option if the product is not delivered as described or it is not working at all. The product warranty is three years. Amazon makes sure that the money is either refunded or the product is replaced with their sole guarantee with vendor and user.

Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade Pros And Cons


Lightweight compared to other blenders

Aircraft-grade hardened steel blades and durable low-profile container

Ten-speed variations and pulse control

Suitable for making hot soups and cold desserts


Over-priced when bought new

Only suitable for advanced blending

Updated: December 14, 2021 — 9:41 pm

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