Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade

Vitamix E310 makes the best machine-made soups and ice creams. It perfectly blends into everything striking its blades. The stainless steel is hardened with at least 12 noticeable details to crush everything to its last bit. The motors are made to last forever. They draw more apparent power with minimal losses and the highest efficiency. The motors are made of pure copper windings, cutting-edge filters, and voltage regulators for the highest running capacity for longer durations.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender


The design is made ergonomic enough to be accepted universally. It is made of a quality container made of plastic walls and a sturdy lid. The handle is made to enhance accessibility and to bring more productiveness. E310 is fully equipped with automatic control buttons, a powerful motor runner for customization.

The motor speed control allows us to easily and sharply adjust the speed to the applications. The speed control dial performs 10 steps clockwise for better user control and completeness while blending. Make a steaming hot soup, or prepare a smoothie with the puree controls, or get yourself an ice cream with the same machine.

The base is made strong and durable, thanks to the treated plastic material used in the E310 Explorian blender. The container capacitates approximately 48 ounces, large enough to prepare a medium meal for the family. A low-Profile design makes it more attractive for small to medium users as it can fit any cabinet or kitchen shelves.

The pulse control function is made specifically to enhance the quality of your meal. It decimates any remaining particle floating within a smoothie. The stainless-steel blades are thermally treated for hardness and longevity. They are made with aircraft-grade standards of the US manufacturing industry. They are sharp and edged with the perfect angles to one another, making sure nothing gets missed during a proper blend.

The machinery is mounted on 4-sided rubber-coated supports. On high horsepowers or while grinding stubborn nuts, they make sure nothing looks out of balance. They support the blender against the high-moving machine and avoid topples, absorb vibrations. The professional-grade Vitamix E310 is a complete solution to your blending needs. It makes hot and cold, grind and blend simultaneously with a single set of blades with little variations.

To prepare hot vegetable soup with your Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, all you need to do is stuff the container with the necessary vegetables and other ingredients. Close the lid nice and tight, now turn on the blender, and keep it turned on for 8 to 10 minutes. The stainless-steel blades create enough friction among themselves and the meal ingredients to create a hot soup without a stove in serving temperature. Get rid of your routine kitchen soup this winter with E310.

The self-cleaning function works on any speed variation. All you need is to find lukewarm water, pour some quantity in your blender along with dishwashing soap or drops, whatever you like. Now, turn on the machine and wait for a minute.

Coffee lover, eh? E310 will make the best ground coffee you will ever try at home. It saves you the dollars you were to spend on a new coffeemaker. It grinds coffee beans, nuts, and hard spices to their roots in a few seconds. Make your homemade peanut butter or go for cashew butter to make up for your workout, it’s easier and more powerful than other bean grinding machines.

E310 will make your life easier than ever with its kneading and battering applications. Now quickly mix everything up for a baking session, prepare waffles or cookies, make cake doughs or the Indian naankhatai with a multifeatured blender.

The quality is immaculate. Vitamix is a US-made company with all its parts and assembly done in the United States of America. It works with the US-standard 120-volts 60Hz power supply. You need a converter to use it elsewhere. Also, Vitamix provides a radial cooling fan for temperature maintenance and resistance against power surges and high temperatures when the machine is left on for a longer period.

There’s a cookbook, a complete user manual, video manual, and free recipes available in the DVD along with the motor base and container. There’s free shipping on eligible orders on Amazon across the United States. The net weight of E310 is 11.5lbs.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade Pros And Cons


All-in-one medium-sized blender

Highly efficient with radial fans and thermal protection

10 steps of speed variations providing full control in meal making

Diverse cooking capacity, get everything from ice cream to a hot soup from E310


Does not work in countries outside the US without a converter

The warranty and guarantee claim only works on Amazon US

Bulky in size

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