Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Vitamix A2300 is a completely customizable smart blender with a full-size container and powerful motor. it is designed to run at its full potential with a variety of modes to completely blend anything assigned to it. The ampere rating is more than all the previous versions i.e. 12 Amperes at full load. There are 1000+ recipes that can be prepared with the all-new Vitamix A2300 ascent series smart blender.

Vitamix A2300

Make any textured smoothie or puree for a near-perfect chef-made recipe at your home. the pulse blending feature and fully customizable control at the base make a balanced textured soup, ice cream, nut butter, or coffee. The motor base is made to accommodate any container size other than its default 64oz container.

The container is made sturdy and firm, thanks to the paramount plastic quality with a printed liter scale. Vitamix A2300 is better than the previous versions because of its wireless connectivity and control features. It can be connected to any Android or iOS device through official app. The official Vitamix can adjust itself to the container size and recommends settings for itself. There are a total 17 programs available for crushing, puree, chops, blends, or shakes through digital settings from your Android or iOS app.

There’s a built-in digital timer that can easily be adjusted accordingly with various recipes. It means you don’t have to stand alongside the blender when a meal is being prepared. The timer stops automatically and alarms the user through a smart app when finished operating.

The motor is made with a pure copper wiring. It is efficient and long-lasting, built-in radial fans for cooling and thermal sensors make it stop by itself when overheated. The system trips when any malfunctions occur saving you a meal and dollars you’ve spent on the blender.

The blades are made of the highest quality stainless steel. Tested for air-craft grade applications, it is made hard enough to cut apart toughest ingredients. The variable speed control makes everything from a pasta blend to the coffee and nut butter with the hard and unbendable blades. The blades are made robust enough to be tested with the stiffest of known beans and vegetables.

Another supreme feature is its diversity. Set your timer to 10 minutes with all the corn and vegetables and forget that you’ve ever spent more than that standing beside a stove for a hot soup. The timer is displayed digitally to the front of the blender for user convenience. It makes steaming hot soup within 10 minutes, and the taste would be lasting. For ice creams, add all the creams and chocolates, tightly close the lid and blend it with the automatic setting for frozen foods.

Vitamix A2300 is a quick solution to mix batters, doughs, and for kneading bread and cakes. Make waffles, fruit meals, biscuit doughs with few spins. Batter anything with auto-timer and built-in settings and clean it right away with its self-cleaning spin. The self-cleaning works by adding a dishwashing liquid with lukewarm water for 30 to 60 seconds and drain it conveniently.

The product value is better than the best, thanks to the US quality standards. Vitamix A2300 is completely manufactured, assembled, and sold in the United States. It works on 120v 60Hz or uses it abroad with a 120/240v converter. Fill in your gym needs or prepare a complete full-sized family meal in minutes. The cord length is 4ft, long enough to adhere to kitchen slates and cabinets. There’s a warranty card, official guarantee card, recipe DVD, and instruction manual along with the base and container.

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender Pros And Cons


Smart blender with official Vitamix app for iOS and Android


Made with the best quality raw materials as per US standards

Adjusts its settings accordingly with any container size


Works with the standard voltage ratings in the USA i.e. 120v 60Hz

Only available in black color

Updated: December 14, 2021 — 9:41 pm

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