Vitamix 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade

Make the perfect soups and desserts right in your home kitchen. Vitamix 7500 brings the possibility of making chef-made quality smoothies and chilling desserts mashups to your home. It is used by most chefs in the United States. Vitamix professional-grade blenders are made entirely in the USA and fit all the product and safety standards of the company.

Vitamix 7500

Believe it or not, you will get the exact taste that you experience in restaurants. The blades are made of aircraft-grade material, they never accumulate zinc and blunts. The quality is paramount for its price, and there’s a 7-year warranty provided by the manufacturer with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the delivered product is not what you ordered or broken.

Vitamix 7500 is available in red, white, and black. Choose the color and get started with the best recipes. Make cold coffees, steaming hot soups, or regular smoothies from the same blender. Vitamix 7500 is backed with a powerful cool running motor. make shakes or hot soups for up to 10 minutes without overheating, and it won’t slow in the long-run operations.

The motor has voltage regulators and power filters that never dissipate heat or allow more current to flow through the windings. There’s a professional-grade heat sink surrounding the motor windings for thermal protection and overcurrents.

The container is made low-profile to fit any cabinet size. It is made portable for its height and breadth, take it anywhere you need. The container capacity is 64oz that is huge enough to make a complete dessert milkshake or an ice cream for the whole family.

The lid is carbon-coated along with the handle for easy carriage. Also, there’s a liquid level scale printed with a laser to make sure everything goes in perfectly when making a meal.

The variable speed control has 10 levels of operation. It can whip, grind, puree, heat, and self-clean by simply rotating a dial on the front.  the speed control buttons have 5 dedicated dial functions and 10-speed variations.

The best-performing steel blades make textured thick soups within the specified time and speed. The speed controls are facilitated by automatic stops giving unfragmented and delicious chef-made food. Get your hands on the blender, make chunky salsas and steaming hot soups perfectly without having a re-blend.

The treated blades comprise at least a dozen tiny details incorporating a perfect blending scenario for any material. The blades are made of aircraft-grade quality and are hardened with special treatment technology for efficient and long-lasting usage.

Grind coffee beans and nuts easily and efficiently with Vitamix 7500 blender in seconds. It won’t blunt the stainless steel blades after repeated use. Make sure to properly clean off the remains of the last blend before operating for the next time. The self-cleaning module makes sure everything is wiped off properly from blades giving the same blend every time they are being used.

It was never possible before to blend soup and then warm it to stove temperatures right away in the container. You don’t have to put it on the stove or microwave, the job is done inside Vitamix 7500 in 8 to 10 minutes, or even lesser depending on quantity. Blend in your vegetable soup and it will create enough friction between the blades to warm it up to the required temperatures.

Mix batters and doughs with the kneading machine cum blender by Vitamix. It balances all the ingredients and makes delicious doughs and batters for cookies and pancakes. You won’t be needed an additional kneading machine for it. Make pizza doughs and bread doughs, or prepare a supper waffle in a minute.

Vitamix comes up with the latest and most reliable security and safety measures. The thick chunk of plastic is coated to prevent internal machinery from being damaged. Also, there’s a complete overvoltage and overcurrent protection against short circuits and heating. Buy without fear of circuit damage or machinery failure with a 7-year product warranty.

Vitamix 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade Pros And Cons


Vitamix 7500 comes with a 7-year product warranty

Quality certified product and completely made in the USA

Makes hot soups and chilling desserts with the same machine

Low-profile large-sized 64oz container

Cool-running motor with additional protections


Newer models are available

Updated: December 14, 2021 — 9:41 pm

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