Takedown Red Sabre Pc Game Review

Takedown Red Sabre Pc Game Review Setup files for a PC game in a single direct link for Windows. It’s a unique and awesome first-person shooter game.

Takedown Red Sabre Full Gameplay Review

Takedown: Red Sabre is an upcoming tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Serellan LLC and published by 505 Games. Takedown: Red Sabre will be released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC platforms. Takedown: Red Sabre is being developed using Epic’s Unreal Engine 3. Takedown: Red Sabre is the spiritual successor to Takedown, an earlier tactical shooter video game successfully crowd-funded through Kickstarter in May 2012. Takedown: Red Sabre is currently expected to launch in Q3 2013.

Takedown Red Sabre Pc Game

Our Review

It had a very successful Kickstarter campaign – Takedown, the spiritual successor to Sierra’s SWAT 4, plans to raise $200,000 on Kickstarter before April 20th. The project has garnered half that already, with 28 days left to go as of this writing. Takedown promises more team-based modes than just Capture the Flag (although it will have that mode), including one where you must escort scientists into your base where they can deactivate their “bombs.” Takedown also aims for realism.


Takedown is an average shooter with AI that fails to make up for its sparse moments of tension. The enemy’s behavior offends players most grievously and often: they seem unaware of what is happening around it, ignoring silenced weapons peppering bullet holes into nearby walls. At the same time, the terrorist certainly did not notice when we walked past him before jumping in response belatedly upon us being shot at unawares.

Tactical shooters are all the rage with video game developers these days, but they can be quite boring if you don’t have good reflexes. Luckily for players of Tactical Ops: The Second Wave, there’s an option to turn off quick-time events so that strategy will play a bigger role in gameplay!

The premise behind this tactical shooter leaves something desired; no map or planning phase means nothing other than lightning-fast responses from your team members during combat situations – which isn’t always easy when some may not know what goes on around them at first glance due only listening over radio chatter. In contrast, others depend solely upon visual cues given off by their own characters’ abilities (depends on how well trained those people were). Without any sort of detail as guidance aside from


The package is rounded out with a competitive multiplayer, which, despite Takedown’s many failures and setbacks in design throughout the years, still manages to be occasionally thrilling. Without UI crutches such as damage indicators or player names for each team member on your side of combating another human being across an online battlefield can make gunfights surprisingly tense when you’re matched up against someone who has had just enough time playing video games than yourself, so they know what buttons work best at any given moment during gameplay.
The lack of this rigidly structured environment helps keep the tension high even though there isn’t much variety in its shooting mechanics.

Features Of Takedown Red Sabre

It’s a fast-paced shooting video game.
It has an excellent storyline.
Simple to download and use interface.
Not an easy game to play.
Graphics and visual effects are stunning.
The maps are truly remarkable.
The architecture is more realistic.

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