RIPD PC Game Free Review

RIPD PC Game Free Review Setup files for a PC game in a single direct link for Pc. Prepare yourself for a fantastic shooting game filled with action and adventure.

RIPD PC Gameplay Overview

This RIPD PC Game was released for Microsoft Windows on September 23, 2013. It is an action-adventure game that is based on the RIPD movie. The RIPD PC Game features you playing Nick Walker, who has to stop evil spirits from coming into our world.



The RIPD video game goes through many different levels in which you have to defeat spirits and other creatures to make it through the stage alive. There are also mini-games throughout the RIPD video game where players can play a memory matching game or go around shooting ghosts in a shooting gallery! These mini-games are an awesome addition because they break up all of the killings, and there’s more gameplay variety added!


You are either in the fortress of security, or you’re out there with no protection. The game itself is about as simple but can be very intense when everything seems lost, and it feels like nothing will ever make sense again—but then all your neurons fire into action just one more time to save yourself from certain doom!

Co-operatively playing with a friend or stranger on an Internet site called “Horde Mode,” players enter level after six urban-styled levels where combat is fast-paced, often claustrophobic. At the same time, the boss fights to mix up the pace each time by changing their tactics.


The graphics and associated artwork for God Mode aren’t sub-par in any respect when viewed alone, but it becomes glaringly apparent when compared to the similarities between this game. Does it almost seem like a team decided to produce their version by asking Old School Software Company since they were looking either too expensive or time-consuming given its current state at launch day? However, those working on GMod knew nothing about making video games, so they just slapped some textures over top of an older title because why not, right?!
The visuals are great without being hyperrealistic, which makes everything easier going while still maintaining suspense during gameplay scenes where death would have been more prevalent otherwise – say, less luck-based deaths rather than cutscenes.

Final Thoughts

But as much as I love the idea, it’s just too expensive for what you get. Ten dollars to play a shooter with stupid AI and see how well your skills match up against theirs? Come on now!

In short: ten bucks may sound like a reasonable price tag at first thought. Still, given all features included in this game (including online multiplayer), we feel that its value could’ve been greater than $10, making every purchase more valuable since players will likely invest hours into playing these levels without exaggeration.

Features Of RIPD

Classic shooting video games from around the world.
Based on the famous Hollywood film.
Formidable enemies.
A threat to the world’s peoples.
Simple to download.
Numerous difficult levels.
Players can make use of both heavy and modern weapons.
Very intriguing plot.
Graphics and visual effects are stunning.

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