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Dynasty Warriors 8 Pc Game Free is one of the best action and amazing games, I hope you like this awesome gameplay! Enjoy while playing it because its moments were just too good for words.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Pc Game Overview

Dynasty Warriors 8 is the eighth installment in the Dynasty Warriors series developed by Omega Force. Dynasty Warriors 8 takes place during China’s Three Kingdoms Era. Dynasty Warriors 8 has several new features, including an open-world environment, an edit character option, and cooperative multiplayer capabilities. Dynasty Warriors 8 was first released for PlayStation 3 on March 25th, 2013, in Japan, followed by PS4 & Xbox One releases later that year.

Dynasty Warriors 8 is set during the Three Kingdoms Period of China, which occurred after the fall of the Han Dynasty. The player chooses from one of 51 characters available to play as or against throughout Dynasty Warriors 8. Each character can be played through Story

Dynasty Warriors 8 Pc Game


The game features 82 playable characters, all of whom have their own ludicrously over-the-top special attacks. Each character is based on a different historical figure, and these warriors are armed with weapons that reflect their personality traits. For instance, Cao Cao can knock enemies off balance with just one wave of his hand while Zuo Ci fires purple lasers from her eyes!

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a book that tells the story of China’s unification in ancient times. The protagonist, Liu Bei (also known as Guan Zhong), was an average citizen who became leader after many other great people had tried but failed to unify all of these different parts into one country under their rule- whether they were real or not is debatable; however, there are some events which did happen during this time such as Guan Yu fighting against Wu Zhang Kong at Xiapi Castle until death took them both too soon for us see what happens next! So if you’re looking forward to reading more then keep up with your quest here since it just might lead somewhere amazing like flying turns out Lu Bu does

The player has to kill hundreds of enemies in one go with their weapon, be it a sword or deck of cards. The only way the game doesn’t feel mindless is because some combo moves can break through tough opponents and make them easier for you (but not too much). To beat these guys, though, players will need good timing when blocking then countering attacks while using their signature Musou Attack at just the right moments-especially against boss monsters!


Unleash your Musou attack and wipe out scores of enemies with one fell swoop. The animations for these attacks are beautifully crafted, unique to each character’s move set! Lu Bu thrusts his halberd forward as a red bolt of lightning shoots from it; Zhang Fei grabs an enemy by their legs before spinning them around in circles, then tossing them across the battlefield like they’re potato chips at exactly 5:00 pm (or however you say good-bye). A giant fountain made up not only soldiers dying but also blood spurting everywhere – there is no other way this will make annihilation more satisfying than through activating one’s own “Musou” mode against large groups or bosses if playing online multiplayer where victory conditions require such tactics be employed.

The intro for this game is awesome, but the actual gameplay isn’t so great. The graphics are flat and unimpressive after you’ve seen all of those intense cutscenes with vibrant colors impressively displayed on screen—in contrast to what’s happening during combat which has low-res textures or doesn’t even have any. At all! However, it’s still worth playing because there are always many enemies who keep spawning everywhere; they never stop coming until one side finally wins (although sometimes both sides withdraw). It does get pretty messy since everyone seems determined not to give up their spot, no matter how deadbeat.

Features Of Dynasty Warriors 8

  • World’s classic action and adventure game.
    Eight installments of Dynasty Warriors series.
    The battle between player and enemy.
    Large numbers of enemy
    Special abilities.
    Destroy Your enemy.
    Use of latest Best weapons.
    Three different games have modes.
    3d quality graphics.
    Many challenging levels.



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