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Vitamix 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade

Vitamix 7500

Make the perfect soups and desserts right in your home kitchen. Vitamix 7500 brings the possibility of making chef-made quality smoothies and chilling desserts mashups to your home. It is used by most chefs in the United States. Vitamix professional-grade blenders are made entirely in the USA and fit all the product and safety standards […]

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Vitamix A2500

Vitamix A2400 Ascent series smart blender is a completely automated blender. It can be connected to any compatible container size. There’s a dedicated mobile phone app that completes all the functions wirelessly with ease and perfection. Also, the digital timer at the base will give you an accurate timeframe and remaining time for blending completion, […]

Vitamix Explorian Blender, High Grade

Vitamix Explorian Blender,

When simplicity meets innovation, Vitamix Explorian surfaces. It is simply the best low-profile design made for medium-range users. It costs less and still has most of the features found in the blenders double the price of it. Vitamix Explorian professional-grade blender marks its impact on its key performances and lowest price. There are a total […]

Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade

Vitamix Explorian Blender

Vitamix Explorian Blender makes the best of the raw materials poured into it. the high-quality blending equipment is unmatched for its variance in speed backed by powerful motors and safety systems. You will make the best kitchen companion when buying Explorian by Vitamix. It has multiple blending combinations backed with self-cooling motors and pure copper […]

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix E310 makes the best machine-made soups and ice creams. It perfectly blends into everything striking its blades. The stainless steel is hardened with at least 12 noticeable details to crush everything to its last bit. The motors are made to last forever. They draw more apparent power with minimal losses and the highest efficiency. […]

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Vitamix Professional Series

Vitamix 750 is a star addition to the Professional blender series by Amazon’s best-selling blender manufacturers. They are fast and modern with a powerful motor and intelligent speed control technology. Vitamix 750 never goes out of the option. The possibilities are limitless, you can blend, puree, pulse, grind, make a smoothie, or get your favorite […]

Vitamix 5300 Blender, Professional-Grade

Vitamix 5300

Vitamix 5300 is an updated and low-profile version of its predecessor Vitamix 5200. Then things got better and more efficient in the newer version of the Vitamix blender series. The low-profile setup design makes it adjustable to all cabinet heights and widths while maintaining the storage capacity. The motor speed and power got better in […]