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Adam’s Venture 3 Pc Game Adam’s Venture is an episodic adventure game that premiered on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC/Steam in 2013. Adam’s Venture is a reimagining of the Adam’s Venture franchise. The Adam’s Venture game trilogy remasters the original Adam’s Venture game (2008) and retells Adam’s story through fully new graphics, cut scenes, voice-overs, and gameplay elements. Adam’s Venture 3 will be released for PC/Steam in Q1 2015.

Adam’s Venture 3 Full Review

Adam’s Venture 3 was created by Vertigo Games, an independent game development studio founded in Utrecht, Netherlands. Adam’s Venture will be published worldwide by SOEDESCO Publishing.

Adam’s Venture 3 Pc Game


The latest Adam’s Venture episode with more stunning graphics and gameplay elements. • A new environment to explore with each episode of Adam’s venture. Each Adam’s Venture scene is styled into a unique architectural era giving the player an immersive experience into the rich history of Adam Fartsom’s adventure. • Combine items from your inventory under Adam’s equipment menu to create useful tools on the spot! Adam can now mediate to restore his health during moments of rest or sit down when standing still for a short period


Adam has always been a little obsessed with old legends, fairy tales, and ghost stories. He grew up listening to his grandfather talking about his adventures worldwide, and he never stopped believing them. Join him on an adventure set at the dawn of civilization that will change everything forever! As you explore ancient ruins, you’ll discover fascinating places full of deadly traps,

Adam’s Venture: The Search for the Lost Garden is a new title from Adam’s Venture creator Paul Cuisset, and taking Adam Venture out of Europe to explore his roots in the Middle East. I got some hands-on time at E3 with Adam’s Venture 3, and while it doesn’t have a firm release date yet, you can get more details on this epic-looking adventure game after the break.

In Adam’s Venture 3, you once again take control of Adam, but things are a little different this time around. Adam has been busy since we last saw him recovering relics from an early expedition of his. He’s become quite successful, appearing on talk shows and television series where he gets to show his collection of priceless artifacts.


The first two episodes of Lost in Memories are beneficial, but, unfortunately, so much time is focused on the past. By leaving only a fraction to resolve things currently happening now and not providing closure for future stories with any sort of storytelling progression at all (because there just isn’t enough game length), this leaves without an entire conclusion or satisfying ending whatsoever! It feels like you’re playing as someone else watching their life go by before our eyes – which has happened many times over already from those who have played through these early parts too long ago, I’m sure now

Adding background was great because then we could explore more about certain events during different periods; however, unfortunately, most if not.

Features Of Adam’s Venture 3

It’s an incredible action-adventure game.
Numerous challenging missions to complete.
Includes a variety of new puzzles.
Simple gameplay.
Three different games.
Unadulterated adventure is devoid of violence.
Graphics and visual effects are stunning.
Graphics and sound are incredibly lifelike.
You must complete puzzle missions.

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